‘Tis the season…

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…. For wondering how on earth you’re going to take a photograph when it’s so dark in the house that you need all the lights on in the middle of the day. And then remembering that the Christmas tree looks quite nice shot low-key, and being thankful that you don’t, after all, have to venture out in a storm to look for a bird, when every sensible bird has already gone to roost.

Despite being a little stir-crazy (does it show??), I stayed in and did useful things today: present-wrapping, a minimal amount of domestic engineering, and quite a lot of thrashing through old photo files – culling and keywording them, and then moving them onto an external hard drive. I’m battling technology on two fronts simultaneously now: the Mac is still so clogged with files that I can’t safely upgrade the iOS, which is causing me some other issues such as not being able to update the music on my phone; and my old Windows PC is about to become obsolete when Windows 7 support is withdrawn at the end of the year, so critical programs need to be installed and files moved onto a newer laptop. Sigh.