The lone tree in winter

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I’ve been eyeing this tree for a couple of years now, every time I’ve driven the road between Pershore and Croome. But there’s no obvious place to stop, and a lot of cars use the road – often quite fast – so I’d never managed to work out how I could safely stop and photograph it. Today R was driving, so I asked him to pull in at the appropriate place, to let me nip out and grab a couple of shots.

I know that Lone Tree projects are a bit old hat now, but I’m rarely an early adopter of these kind of ideas and I’ve never done one, so this may be the start of a series. Whether they’ll all be as heavily processed as this I can’t predict, but the light this afternoon was flat and horrid, so fartnarklery was required. Have Photoshop; will use it.

I didn’t manage to add to my bird list today, despite much peering into the gloom both at home and while we were out. Allegedly there were wigeon on the lake at Croome at one point, but they’d gone by the time R and were circling it; and the dunnock I thought I’d spotted in the shrubbery turned out to be a house sparrow. But as we not-really-birders say, there’s always tomorrow.