That Friday feeling

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Me, I meant, not them. Really, what are you like??

It seems to have been a slightly crazy week – even R’s and my “day off” yesterday involved a whole lot of rushing around – so today we gave ourselves a slow day to compensate. I took this as we were walking back to the car along the river, after having lunch in Stratford. I also photographed some of the boats that have gathered and moored on the stretch between the Old Tramway Bridge and the weir, in readiness for this weekend’s River Festival – which should be a big success, with the weather as it is – but all the vivid colours in the harsh light made for quite garish photos, and I preferred this quite moment between the Banded Demoiselles.

I don’t think it was the eye-popping colours of the boats, but it may possibly have been the heat, or simply cumulative tiredness, but for whatever reason I now have one of the worst headaches of my life – so I’ll save you any further wittering, by taking myself away to try to sleep it off.

I hope you enjoy your weekend, whatever it brings.