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A low-key kind of day:

Processed some owls.

Listened to some podcasts.

Thought about going out.

Looked at the driving rain and lashing trees and decided to stay in.

Washed some jumpers.

Faffed around with some tulips in the conservatory.

Discovered that the conservatory was moving quite alarmingly in the wind.

Faffed around some more with the tulips.

Fiddled with lighting.

Put a bucket under the leak in the conservatory roof.

Rearranged the tulips for the umpteenth time.

Faffed around a bit more.

Reduced 97 tulip shots to 3 keepers.

Ate dinner.

Reconciled some bank statements.

Watched television.

I think I’m more tired than I would be if I’d been out for six hours and walked 10,000 steps. Though maybe not if I’d walked them in this wind. At the moment Storm Dennis is being more of a menace (geddit?) than Ciara was, though it was far less hyped. I’m away now to try to get some sleep, roof timbers permitting.

See you (I hope) on the other side.