Spot the leafhopper on the spotty hellebore. I’ll confess right now that I didn’t, or I’d have homed in on it and tried to bring you a better photo, but in my defence I was contorted into an almost impossible posture (for an old person, at any rate) just to get the hellebore, which is growing low down, in the midst of some very fierce and thorny roses. Excuses, excuses….

Other than a brief foray into the garden to check my nascent wildlife hedge and take a photo for today’s post, and a brisk walk around the parish, I’ve spent most of the day desk-bound. I’ve been running behind on the processing of my photos of Baby B, and feeling guilty about it, and I was determined to finish the six week set today and share them with the family. Which I did manage to do, just in time to sit down with R for two hours of Icelandic noir on the iPlayer this evening.

My only other news is that the King’s College/ZOE Covid-19 study has asked me to take yet another test, presumably because I’ve been diligently reporting the headache I’ve had since the day after my vaccination, and which is therefore now into its fourth day. The first time they invited me to take a test I was quite excited about getting into the car and driving to the nearest test centre. The second time, my reaction was “Sure. Why not?”. Today my response on getting the email was “Nooooo!!!”. But I decided that I ought to do it – because research – and luckily I must have gone onto the Government Gateway site at just the right time, because I was able to order a (reputedly rare) home testing kit to be delivered to me. It surely can’t be any harder to swab your own tonsils standing in front of the bathroom mirror than it is in the middle of a windswept car park?