A couple of days ago a friend of mine posted some lovely close-up images of snowdrops. She was blessed with nice light, sparkling water droplets, and an articulated camera screen, and took full advantage of all three. I had none of these available to to me today, but we don’t want to be the kind of photographers who blame our tools, do we? So I selected what seemed like a reasonably dry patch of dead stuff in the rose bed where most of my snowdrops grow, and laboriously lowered myself onto knees and elbows to get to snowdrop level.

Voiceover: It transpired that the patch of dead stuff was not even slightly dry.

I took around fifty frames before the penetrating damp drove me back to my feet, and I’ve since deleted ninety per cent of them, but I’m not displeased with the few I decided to keep. Should we be gifted with any nicer light over the next few days I might revisit this project; but if I do I’ll find something sensible to kneel on, and ask R to be on standby to help me get up a little less inelegantly than I managed by my own efforts today.

This afternoon we Zoomed with the family, and were enchanted by Baby B, who spent much of the call standing on L’s knee and gazing intently at her laptop screen. I think she’s going to have to monitor his computer time – and possibly change her password.