Last gasp

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I was supposed to have been doing an astro-photography thing this evening, but after watching the sky anxiously through the afternoon, I must say that it was almost a relief to discover around sunset that it was too cloudy for it to be worthwhile my going out: this feels to have been an especially long week, and slumping on the sofa was about all I was fit for.

So that’s what I did. Montalbano is usually good for an evening’s slumping, and this week the cast was enhanced by the addition of a rather sweet dog. It wasn’t a great actor, but then, neither are half the humans, so it blended in pretty well.

This is the only one of the roses I bought eight days ago to have made it as far as today. I rewarded it with a solo modelling session this afternoon, as a “banker” against the failure of tonight’s star shoot.