I’m beginning to get the feeling….

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….that something’s watching me…..

You could be right. A hare might possibly be watching you, or a kestrel, maybe – it’s a long way away, but their eyesight is superb, of course, and anyway, you’re quite… ummm…. chunky. Or maybe that female pheasant is watching you – you know, the one you tried it on with earlier, only she was having none of it; maybe she wants you to shake your tail feathers at her again…?

I’ll tell you what isn’t watching you: an owl isn’t watching you – or not from the sky, at any rate. There could be one watching you from inside its nice cosy tussock of grass, hoping that you don’t stomp all over it with your great big feet and force it to fly in this bitter, flaying wind.

Oh wait – I just had an idea…. If I wave this lens at you, perhaps you might scuttle off across the field, and kick a few owls out of their roosts….?

No. Thought not.


R and I are just back from seeing Phantom Thread, which I enjoyed a lot, despite not being much of a fan of Paul Thomas Anderson (Magnolia excepted). Terrific performances from Daniel Day-Lewis (unsurprisingly), and especially from Vicky Krieps and Lesley Manville, and beautifully styled. It’s quite long, but didn’t feel it – which is always a good sign.