The weather was a little strange today: some of the time it was sunny, but it was quite humid and for the whole day the air felt close and heavy.

I sorted out some supermarket food orders this morning, which was harder than it normally is because so many things are in short supply at the moment – flour and sugar, to name just two. It was quite tedious, but I’m conscious that we’re lucky to be getting a weekly delivery at the moment, so I won’t carp on about it.

At lunch time the Man of the House went all engineery and fixed our ancient lever weeder, which had split under the strain of hauling deep-rooted weeds out of heavy clay soil. After which it seemed rude not to use it, so I rapidly extracted a barrow-load of undesirables from the apple tree bed – in the process discovering several half-strangled desirables that I’d forgotten were planted there. There’s a real danger that if this stay-at-home situation continues for much longer, we might wind up with a vaguely tidy garden.

The weather mustn’t have suited the invertebrates because there weren’t many about today, so instead I wandered around and photographed a few flowers. I have swathes of magenta geraniums that are already flowering, and even more indigo ones that are about to open, but in the entire garden there’s just one that flowers pink, and at the moment this is its solitary bloom.

Lockdown Family Film Club this evening was Eddie the Eagle, which made me laugh and squeak and cry. If you like feel-good films, it’s irresistible – I could happily watch it again. Currently on Netflix, but I think also to buy or rent on YouTube.