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I find daffodils quite difficult to photograph: they’re somewhat chaotic flowers, and I never know quite where to put the point of focus. I’ve hedged my bets here, with a six-shot focus stack; though strangely Photoshop didn’t seem to know where to focus either, and after auto-blending the layers I then had to go in and re-do most of the masking by hand.

On the subject of chaotic, I photographed my daffodil in breaks between increasingly hopeless and irritated rounds of my un-favourite game: Hunt the Missing Lens Cap. It’s very odd, because I’m not generally someone who loses their belongings, but I seem to shed lens caps all over the place. The last one, a few days ago, was a more upsetting matter because it was the cap for my Canon 24-70, and replacement Canon lens caps are stupidly expensive – but luckily R intervened on that occasion (probably because he needed to stop me rampaging furiously all round the house if he was going to get any work done) and tracked down the fugitive in the pocket of my dressing gown. Today’s absentee was the cap for my Tamron macro lens, which I last used out in the garden. I’ve searched the garden. I’ve searched all the pockets of all the jackets in the utility room – even though I know perfectly well which jacket I was wearing at the time. I’ve even searched the garage…. but to no avail. The only thing I can do now is order another one, at which point the original will inevitably reappear.

I think should invent some genius solution to the problem of the disappearing lens cap – surely I can’t be the only person who never knows where they’ve put the beastly things? My simple but elegant and reasonably priced gizmo will be recognised as a camera bag essential and will sell a million, and I’ll make so much money I’ll be able to devote all my time to photography in future. Oh wait… what I mean is, I’ll be able to devote all the time to photography that I do now, but with the addition of the time I currently spend looking for $%**£} lens caps.