Christmas tree bokeh

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It’s been a strange old day. R and I were tired and a bit grumpy; and L and G have horrible colds and have been quiet (G) and fractious (L), except when totally crashed out. H has kept himself pretty much to himself, which was probably wise, though he did help R and me this afternoon by deconstructing the dissonance in the Coventry Carol – it’s always useful to have a properly trained musician to hand at times like this.

R and I also found ourselves playing the funny bokeh game again – well, with a house full of people, and lunch for nine to prepare tomorrow, it’s not as though we had anything more urgent to do. I deliberately shot today’s photos without a focused subject (the champagne didn’t come out until later – honestly), and I like the fact that the lights have become the subject and the Christmas tree has become the bokeh. We’ve decided that I should feature the star one because it has a slightly spooky vibe that seems appropriate to Christmas Eve, but for a different take on Christmas tree bokeh, please see the extra.

I’m away to bed now, or I won’t get any presents. I wish you and yours a happy and peaceful Christmas, and hope that you receive whatever you most desire or need.