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It was so cold when we took the Boy Wonder to the park this afternoon that we spent most of our time there sitting in a steamy café, and when we did eventually get to the swings B tolerated the temperature for maybe two minutes, before asking to be put back under his pram covers and taken home.

Nonetheless we had a good day, give or take the odd little confrontation. During the morning I encouraged B to do some floor exercises with me in the playroom in the hope that he’d work off some energy, and this quickly turned into a riotous exercise class run by the Boy himself: “No, not like that Grandma. Do it like this – you put your leg over there, and then you roll, like this, and then you roll back, and then you stretch there, and bend like this. No – not dancin’. STOP DANCIN’! I need you to get back on the floor and do more rolling…” and so on. R said he wished hewas still as flexible as B, but probably wished he’d kept quiet when he promptly found himself joining us down on the floor, doing sit-ups under instruction from the Tiny Tyrant.

Unexpected Boyism of the week, on being congratulated for completing a tricky bit of jigsaw puzzle: “Yay me.” This was said in such a casual conversational tone that it almost sounded as if he was being sardonic. Then when he and I had completed the puzzle, he said in an equally offhand tone, “We did it. Yay us.” It makes you wonder where they pick up these odd little turns of phrase.