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R and I did gardening this morning (eeeurgh), and then rewarded ourselves with a late lunch in the restaurant at Hillers – which was delicious, and very good value. While R lingered over his coffee and a newspaper I went off to the show garden, and was pleased to find that the work they’ve been doing in the wood is finished, and the bird hide is open again.

What looks like a thousand-yard stare here was actually an old-fashioned look towards a couple of people in the hide who were having a full-volume conversation about gear. I gave them a couple of special looks myself, but to no avail, so in the end I asked if they could please keep it down, as the bird table we were all watching is no more than about three metres away from the window. A rather tense silence ensued; the birds came in; we all got our shots; I left.

The extra is a long-tailed tit which was almost my favourite of the day – but in the end I couldn’t resist the rather casual way this blue tit was standing. I stand in much the same way myself.

Over on Facebook, should you be interested, my duck of the day is the rather handsome pintail.