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I had to be in Stow for a haircut this morning, and as the weather at home was merely dank, I thought it was worth taking a camera with me and going up onto the Burford road afterwards in search of red kites. Sadly, up on the escarpment it was sleeting, and though they’re more robust than buzzards I’ve never seen red kites fly in weather like that. Nevertheless, as I was close anyway, I drove to the Gloucestershire/Oxfordshire border, where a small gang of them tends to hang out over the Yellow Hat Tribe – which I still think of as the ostrich farm, though I note that these days it’s principally an art gallery.

As predicted, there wasn’t a kite in sight, but I needed a photo, so I carried on down into Burford – adding to the traffic that blights what would otherwise be one of the prettiest of the Cotswold villages. When R saw this shot, he suggested that I should pop over there at dawn one day in the summer for a traffic-free photo – but as this is one of the main routes from Gloucestershire and Worcestershire through to Oxford, I suspect that the morning rush hour will start quite a lot earlier than I’d ever manage to haul myself out of bed and get here.