Valentine’s Day

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In the spirit of the day, I made a poem:

The great spotted woodpecker’s lower belly is red,
Its cap is very dark blue if looked at in a certain light (though generally described as black),
It has some fairly horrid habits,
But I like it anyway.

(That’s free verse, by the way, in case you were worrying that it doesn’t rhyme or scan. Not for nothing did I take English to ‘A’ level.)

For the record, the cold snap ended today and the weather turned stormy again, confining both of us to the house for the whole day. Luckily we had Valentine chocolates and alcohol – and better yet chocolate alcohol – to keep us cheerful; plus the usual family Zoom call after lunch, which was fun. After a mild 24-hour reaction to the CV-19 vaccine R was feeling a lot better today, though he did manage to upend the main element of our lunch on the kitchen floor while aiming for the oven, so it would probably be fair to say that normal service hasn’t yet fully resumed.