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Yes, I know – there should be three. Or five, or seven. Or one – I have a single, and I think R prefers it, but I like this one, and it’s my journal, so I can break anything I like.

If I’m sounding grumpy, it’s because I’m just back from a BGCC print competition, and I’m up to here with hearing about rules. Or maybe I just hate not winning, now I’m in the Big Boys’ Class…. yes, it’s entirely possibly just that. I did get a HC though, for a tufted duck in gorgeous light – and as I love tufted ducks, and the way the BZ captures nice light on water, I’m quite pleased about that.

So anyway, I went owling this afternoon, what with it not being as snowy here as pretty much anywhere else in the country. Had a nice drive through the Cotswolds. Sat in the car for an hour, listening to my iPod and watching the other photographers freezing, knowing that it would be obvious if they actually spotted anything worth me going out into the cold for. They didn’t – and then a mini-blizzard blew up, and they all threw their gear in their cars and left. Thought I should leave too, as there was no-one around now to help me get my car off the verge if the wheels started spinning. Proceeded very cautiously for about one mile through driving snow; then the snow stopped, and the sun immediately came out. Sighed. Thought about turning round and going back. Decided not to turn round and go back. Slithered down off the escarpment (literally at one point) in continuing lovely light, imagining the owls having fun flying about with no humans clicking at them. Smiled…..

As we owlers say: there’s always tomorrow.