Playing dead

It was a brilliantly sunny, though very cold, day, and I knew it was likely that the owls would be flying this afternoon. But still tired after yesterday’s trip to Cardiff, and with a weekend’s Boy-sitting to come, I talked … Continued

Well met

I was beating and sweeping tiny inverts out of their shelters this morning when this Southern Hawker flew right past my face, making me take a rapid step back and say “Waah!”. I doubt that he’d intended to get quite … Continued


“What are you going to do for your nine-year thingy?” enquired R yesterday. “Oh, bugger,” I said. “I’d completely forgotten.” And then, “I’m going to go to Trench Wood, and find nine interesting invertebrates.” Several things occur to me about … Continued

Ten-spotted ten-spot

I find 10-spot ladybirds in my garden regularly but infrequently, though I don’t always recognise them immediately. The ones I see here tend to look like small, pale harlequins, and a few years ago I recorded one as such, but … Continued