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After having such a good day yesterday, today was a sad one for me: this morning I emailed Choir Two and withdrew from their current season. I then sat down and cried at the thought of not singing the Brahms Requiem. With the Choir One concert due to happen two weeks from now, I’m currently planning to complete that season, before absenting myself until the pandemic is brought under control – though that decision may also need to be revisited if the public health situation changes quickly.

This afternoon I decided that sitting around fretting wasn’t really getting me anywhere, so I went out and weeded a flower bed. Eeeurgh. If this whole social distancing thing goes on too long R and I might even wind up with an approximately tidy garden. Luckily, even on a day when I was working out my angst by doing one of my least favourite things, the sight of a resting plumpie was still able to cheer me up. He sat quite calmly while I took dozens of photos from several different angles, and then I thanked him politely and left him to his siesta; there are still no females flying here, but their emergence can’t be far away now, and when they do appear he’s going to need all his strength if he’s to compete successfully for a mate.