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I spent most of the day mooching about feeling sorry for myself, more because of the emotional fallout from having gone flying yesterday than because of the physical aches and pains. My mood wasn’t improved by the chip repair on the car door having to be cancelled for – I think – the fifth time because of the weather; I’m beginning to see a possible advantage in taking the car to a garage, rather than having the repair come to me.

I went on a bug hunt around the garden at lunch time, dodging back into the house at intervals to avoid the showers, but found no more than a dozen bees and a few not-very-interesting flies. Rumour has it that willow flowers like these are utterly irresistible to hoverflies, but either the hoverflies here haven’t been let in on that secret… or maybe there just aren’t any hoverflies yet. If the warmer weather we’ve been promised does arrive later this week, I’m hoping that there will be an explosive emergence of bugs – which might sound horrible to you, but would restore my normal sunny demeanour.*

* Irony alert.