Royal Shakespeare Theatre

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I was slightly stumped as to what I could photograph for today’s Wide Angle Wednesday challenge, which is Modern. We don’t really do modern around these parts!

I took three photos I quite liked of the modern extension to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford, but as I was editing them the one I liked best started to look naggingly familiar – which when I checked back through my journal turned  out to be because I blipped a very similar shot about three months ago. The earlier image was from further away, but the angle and aspect were essentially the same. So I’ve put that one in as an extra, and here you have a view from the base of the tower, with the Art Deco foyer area of the theatre in the background.

This being Stratford, the Art Deco theatre was decried as modern and out of keeping with the town for decades after its opening in 1932, and it was only when some bright spark suggested it should be demolished that people suddenly realised that in its own way the old Jam Factory is a gem. Will they ever feel the same way about the tower? Possibly, but I suspect I won’t be around to see that day!