Pond Watch

The British Dragonfly Society have declared this to be Pond Watch weekend – so being a compliant sort of a person*, I went out this morning and watched my ponds. Conditions were a little tricky, with scudding clouds changing the light every few seconds, and the damselflies weren’t particularly cooperative, but I did my best.

I had to lie on the ground next to the wildlife pond to take this, parting the foliage at the edge of the pond with the long lens, and moving as little as I could, so as not to disturb the Azures. The ISO is pretty high, even for the 5DIV, so it’s a bit grainy, but I do rather like the way the lens has rendered the light and the water. I’m a little cross with myself for not getting all of the reflection into the frame though, as I managed to to with the shot I posted earlier to Twitter.

Lockdown Family Film Club this evening was The Fundamentals of Caring on Netflix. It was a pleasant enough way to spend a couple of hours; there were some nice moments, and the performances by Craig Roberts and Paul Rudd were very watchable (though Jennifer Ehle’s bizarre accent made me grind my teeth). But if you want a dysfunctional family road trip movie, the obvious go-to is Little Miss Sunshine, and this wasn’t a patch on that.

* This, of course, is untrue. Unless I’m asked to do something I had every intention of doing anyway. And not even then, if I’m honest.