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I may not have mentioned previously that my grandson is a polar bear….

Anyway, he was on top form today, apart from a few grinchy minutes on the way back from our walk, and even then it turned out that the only thing he needed was to get back home and have a chat with Mummy, who was working in the garden. Despite the dazzling sunshine, the furry pram suit was needed: it was bitterly cold.

Grandparent of the Day award went to R, for playing the extremely amusing flying baby game – an excellent biceps workout for Granddad, given that Baby B now breaks the scales at over a stone. Luckily the flagstones we shifted yesterday provided adequate training, and they were able to do flying baby on repeat for quite a while before needing a bit of a nap.

Grandma only has two jobs: one is cheerleading, at which I’m reasonably good, and the other is maintaining a steady flow of processed photos, at which I’m sadly failing. I’m now three weeks adrift, and I foresee a lengthy period of time locked down in Lightroom if I’m to have any chance of catching up with myself.