Gardeners’ Question Time

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What is this?

Why is it not like anything else?

What happens when I pull it?

Why are you talking to me when I’m clearly very busy?

What is this stuff…?

Baby B is taking Leap 4 very seriously, and is spending a lot of time thinking hard about things. Today one of the things he was thinking hardest about was grass: if you sit him on your lap in the garden he stops trying to be upright and lets his weight fall forwards until he’s almost horizontal, and then simply stares at the lawn. Holding him in this position is quite tiring, so L fetched a blanket and a rolled exercise mat and laid him down where he could get a close-up view, and he was happy examining and feeling the grass for several minutes.

For some reason I was his best person again today (a situation I know is very likely to have changed by the next time we meet), and we had some interesting chats and shared some good jokes. He is volatile though, and moves from sunny to stormy in an instant. He also gets very tired, but isn’t particularly keen on going to sleep, so R and I took him for quite a long walk in the pushchair, the movement of which does tend to lull him into a doze.

At one point I got R to stop the pushchair so that I could take some photos, and a couple of elderly ladies on a nearby bench called out “Ohhh! Beautiful!”, which made me beam with pleasure. Because he is, of course. Absolutely beautiful.