A day of busyness, and rain. I was vaguely planning an indoor shot of a tulip on a light pad – which may turn up tomorrow, if things don’t improve – but while I was squelching around the garden putting out bird food I realised that the hellebores are coming into flower, and thought I’d do one of those instead.

I see lots of photos of hellebores, and other people’s blooms always seem to be pristine. My own cream ones however, growing as they do in mud, look as though they’ve been driven over by a horse and cart. Fortunately I found one nice flower on this purple one, and though it was tricky to photograph (I’m still not bending properly in the middle and wasn’t prepared to kneel down on the sodden ‘lawn’, so I had to do a semi-splits to get down low enough – not becoming in a woman of my years) I’m reasonably pleased with the way it came out.

I may have exaggerated the gloom, for effect.