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I think this robin is probably a first winter male: he was singing a very pretty territorial song, but doing it quietly, from inside this shrub, while keeping a watchful eye out for danger. The mature robins in the village are already engaging in quite fierce singing competitions with each other, usually from high up in various trees, and if this one is still around by this time next year he’s likely to be much more assertive.

Other than an hour in the garden this morning and a Zoom call with the family this afternoon, I’m not sure what I’ve done with today, but I fear that a lot of it was lost to doom-scrolling through social media and news sites, reading the latest analyses of the insurrection in Washington D.C. on Wednesday. Perhaps I should follow Trump’s lead and try to get myself permanently banned from Twitter – I’d certainly get a whole lot more done.

2021 birds:
26 Long-tailed tit