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Things I like, which were all to be found in Bonds of Stratford today:

Vintage light fittings – my current favourite being the one top left of this shot. I have an antique light hanging over my desk, but it’s not as pretty as this one (just saying, R).

A leather-upholstered captain’s chair.

A beautiful Secessionist copper and brass letter holder (though over-polished). Also a large Hugh Wallis charger (over-polished, again).

Several carboys, in different sizes.

One of those huge stoppered bottles which used to sit in chemists’ shop windows in my youth, with vivid red and green liquid in them.

Some very pretty vintage jewellery. I don’t need any more jewellery, but I do love a shiny thing (provided it’s not antique decorative arts stuff).

Vintage copper pans and measures.

A pressed amber egg (irresistible).

Vintage and antique china and glassware.

The best oak refectory table I’ve ever seen.

A bacon, brie and cranberry sandwich in hand-cut granary bread.

A rough-coated miniature dachshund called Dickie, whose owners were trying to secrete him from view under the table in a corner of the cafĂ©. That didn’t go so well after R and I caught sight of him.

Things I liked less: a vintage Kodak camera, which on investigation turned out to have been incorporated into a lamp (see below). Really though…? The word ‘gratuitous’ comes to mind.

Many thanks for all the kindness you’ve bestowed on yesterday’s starling blip – I’m delighted that so many of you liked it. I see that the indefatigable Hillyblips has already been over to take a look at the murmuration herself, and I suspect that that particular flock may be appearing on this site again before the winter is over!