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R and I went to Cardiff today, to take some bits and pieces to L and G at their new house, bring some other things away, and – much more importantly – to take them out to lunch. The drive over through the Black Mountains was lovely in the spring sunshine, but rest of the day didn’t live up to that promise, so it was good that I’d taken some shots of this week’s tulips before we went. I’m getting quite into this low key thing!

Over lunch there was lots of wedding talk; R and I went with a whole list of questions about different elements of the day, and I think we remembered to ask them all. I hope so anyway, because it’s getting dangerously close now – as G’s Mum said to me recently, it’s extraordinary how quickly we seem to have moved from “They’re getting married the year after next” to “They’re getting married in a few weeks”.

I’d better get back to the outfit hunt.