Through the mist

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It’s not my habit to be up at half past five in the morning, but we needed to leave home just after six today to be sure of getting me to the hospital on time. The hardest thing about it was not being able to have breakfast – those who know me well generally try to avoid me when my stomach is empty and blood sugar low – but as it was a lovely morning I was able to distract myself while R was getting ready by going for a quick walk with the camera. I’d only intended to try to capture the sunlit mist lying on my neighbours’ paddock, but when the horses appeared through the haze and sauntered down the hill, obviously curious but affecting nonchalance, I was happy to include them in the scene.

Things I learned today:

1. When they do laparoscopic surgery they inflate you with gas.

2. The after-effects of this are more painful than the incisions – imagine being kicked in the stomach, but from the inside.

3. Toast with butter and jam is absolutely the finest food invented by man.

4. Sleeping in a hospital is nigh-on impossible.

As I’d been late on the list and they decided not to discharge me this evening, R drove all the way back into Birmingham just to sit next to me and hold my hand for an hour. My hero.