The Tufty Club

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I’ve had a pretty quiet day after all the rushing about of yesterday. R and I went into Stratford this morning to have brunch and do some shopping, part of which involved me spending a birthday book token on some gorgeous photography books. Back at home I pootled about a bit, and then spent a while watching the garden wildlife through the snug window; it was raining, and the light was dire, but thanks to the BZ I managed to take a few photos that I like enough to keep.

There were three squirrels out and about, and they all wanted to be on this big seed feeder, but the light wasn’t good enough for me to capture in any detail the huge kerfuffle that took place every time two of them clashed over it. This solid chap had eaten himself to a total standstill, and could very well have made way for one of the others to get some lunch – but that’s not how the animal kingdom works, of course, so instead he sat on the branch and dared either of them to try to displace him. I disapproved of the behaviour, but liked the pose, and his little tufty ears.

The extra photo today is a pair of long-tailed tits on the peanut feeder; I love these tiny feisty birds, which hang out in busy twittering gangs (the rest of the family was rushing around the other feeders when I took this), and which somehow always manage to look completely outraged.