The Boss

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R and I were treated to lots of interaction with the Boy today: smiles and chuckles and vocalising, and only a very little bit of fratchiness in the witching hour towards tea time. He’s very interested in the movements of his hands and feet, but not yet at the point of fully associating them with himself, or realising that he might be able to control what they do. I don’t think that can be far off though, because with just a bit of luck he can generally get fist to mouth when he’s looking for something to chew. Now he needs to work out how not to actually swallow a finger.

Given that we’ve just been through an unofficial anniversary, it occurred to me today to wonder what R would have thought back on our first date, if someone had come up and told him that 35 years on he’d be acting as Entertainments Officer for a 9-week old grandson. I suspect he’d have been horrified – I can almost hear the slamming of the restaurant door, and the sound of feet retreating down the street – so it’s a very good thing we didn’t bump into any clairvoyants that evening. I’d hate to have missed out on this.