Ladybirds are beginning to come out of hibernation now, and are trundling about in search of food and mates. Although some of their habits are less than appealing, I always find them amusing, and I think it’s because they put me in mind of The Luggage from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels. Something about the knees, and the single-mindedness.

As the world continues to go into lockdown to try to control the coronovirus epidemic, I’m heartbroken for both the Offspring today. L has had to postpone the Cardiff Animation Festival, just two weeks before it was due to open, after months of planning and preparation. And H and his partner will have to spend yet more time separated by the width of the globe, after her plans to spend six months in Europe had to be called off. The upheaval in their lives puts the inconveniences I’m encountering into a completely different perspective.