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Got my reindeer. Ready for Christmas.

Not my best photo of the day, but my favourite; I didn’t even have time to stop to ask his name, just said, “May I?” to his owner, and on receiving permission took a couple of quick snaps. But he was so sweet with his reindeer, I could happily have dognapped him.

Just in case the promised heavy snow doesn’t arrive overnight, I’ve put in an extra of some of the alpine sedum on the garden wall, still covered in the shallow layer which fell last night. I love snow, but right now I’m hoping we don’t get very much more of it, because the Offspring are both due home on Wednesday, and I don’t want them to have to drive in bad weather.

I was very touched by the nice comments so many people left on yesterday’s blip – thank you for your kindness. After a feverish night, I woke up this morning with a ferocious throat (and a worse temper), so I’m confident that last night’s funny turn was viral – and happily there’s been no recurrence today. Thanks also for the nice things you said about R’s music, and in particular that little piece that he wrote for me – I’m very pleased you liked it.