Regina coeli

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It was the final rehearsal for our concert this afternoon, and by the time I left Chipping Campden the light was fading fast. I managed to get to Windmill Hill and take this shot across the Vale just before the last streak of gold faded.

I’m really looking forward to tonight, and I hope the audience enjoy the performance as much as I did the rehearsal. The four young soloists are terrific, and their voices blend beautifully in the Mass. The soprano received a spontaneous round of applause from the choir this afternoon: about five minutes after walking into the church, and without any kind of warm-up, she cracked through the Regina Coeli (which was being played at a pretty breakneck speed), and absolutely nailed it.

If you’re not familiar with this piece (which if you don’t speak Latin means “Queen of Heaven”), there’s a good recording here. The soprano part starts at about 3:17, but is much slower than our young lady was being asked to sing it. If we take the whole concert at that pace, I’ll definitely be home in time to see The Bridge on BBC4 at 9pm!

See you on the other side. ☺️