Rapeseed drama

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For the past few days I’ve been nursing the idea of taking a sunset image across a field of oilseed rape. I missed really nice sunsets on Tuesday (because of BGCC), and last night (choir); and for much of today it was heavily overcast, so it looked as though I wouldn’t get my shot this evening either. But then at around 7pm the cloud began to break up, and by 8pm the sky was colouring – so I zoomed off out to try my luck at a couple of nearby fields.

Ideally I would have liked a clearer sky with more orange in it – which was what I missed capturing yesterday – so that I could have waited till the sun was fully down and the light was softer. This amount of cloud meant that it was getting quite dark even before sunset, and I didn’t dare wait too long; so this image (which is a composite of two hand-held shots, one focusing on the foreground plants and the other on the horizon) was taken about five minutes before the sun set.

Although I’m a bit grumpy about that bright highlight streak, I do rather like the red and blue drama going on in the clouds, and overall I’m reasonably happy with the result. If I get another opportunity before the crops are harvested, I’ll try to capture an image that’s closer to the one in my head.

Please do look full-screen, if you have the time.