Mono Monday: The Third Man

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The Third Man wants to play as well, but the other two are being horrid, and ignoring him.


What are they playing? Well, of course, it must be this.

With thanks to Dollykgray for another challenging challenge, and to my glamorous studio assistant for posing. I had a slight Groundhog Day moment (if you’ll allow me to mix my cinematic metaphors) when I asked R to help me out with this shot – in a repeat of last week, his initial response fell somewhere between unenthusiastic and grumpy. But I didn’t marry a child of the Theatre for nothing: as soon as I gave him direction, he got right into character. 

I’m not sure quite what I’m going to be able to talk him into for next week’s challenge, which is The Postman Always Rings Twice…..

Maybe I’ll have to ask the postman to help out instead…