Mono Monday: Bigger

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We’ve now had the results back from Arthur’s biopsy, and I’m happy to say that the lump on his chest is operable. He’s going onto a pre-operative course of antibiotics tomorrow, and the surgery is booked for Wednesday of next week. So I only have eight days to be torn between relief that the lump isn’t malignant, and fear of him not coming through the anaesthesia. Luckily I have confidence in all the senior vets at the practice we use, one of whom will be doing the surgery, so I’m happy that Arthur will be in good hands.

I’m still up to my neck in half-finished projects, quite tired, and with creativity at rather a low ebb – so it was a relief to have a photo brief to work from today. Here is Child Two’s ukulele snuggling up to its much bigger cousin, R’s resonator guitar. My alternative shot for this challenge would have been Child Two giving his Dad a hug and resting his chin on the top of R’s head – but I doubt that I’d have been allowed to post that one!

ISO 400; f/4; 1/60 sec.; 50mm. Processed in Topaz B&W.