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This is the crab apple which I posted last Monday, with its buds still furled and dripping wet. Today, although the air was still cold, the sun came out (along with a lot of lovely bugs), and when I crossed the yard on my daily blossom inspection I found that it was now in flower. The variety is ‘Red Obelisk’, and the blossom really is this deep pink colour; the fruits are also dark pink, and make delicious jelly.

Being less hardy than the bugs, I felt that the temperature still didn’t meet my criterion for gardening weather, so apart from a quick bug safari I spent most of the day doing indoorsy stuff. I still feel as though I’m running to stand still, a situation which isn’t likely to be improved by the imminent arrival of scaffolders (tomorrow), and shortly thereafter the builders who are booked to sort out the roof and chimneys of the Money Pit. There are few things that make me feel more hassled than having workmen on the premises: over the years R and I have come to an understanding that dealing with builders is Man’s Work, but unfortunately he is in a the midst of a truly horrible work period at the moment, so I can’t just run away and leave him to it this time.

And – breathe…..

What is our motto? Our motto is: It’ll be fine.