Look behind you!

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A beautiful female Common Blue nectaring on a thistle, unaware that she was being stalked. I was also unaware of it, because my focus was on focusing on her, and not on what else might be lurking in the shot; if I’d spotted the spider at the time I would have done the thing you’re not supposed to do, and intervened.

Other than this little drama, there wasn’t much going on in the butterfly field today, probably because it was cold and autumnal. I stalked a couple of grasshoppers and managed a few reasonable shots of them, but I like this photo better – so please accept my apologies if you’re now bored with tiny blue butterflies.

Back at home, the caterpillar count is dropping almost by the hour as my lodgers pupate; and the hedgehogs may possibly have moved on.

Feeling a bit sad and autumnal myself.