Light show

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I had been intending to go to a local firework display this evening, but R has been feeling dizzy again today, and I’m not comfortable setting up expensive gear on a tripod in a dark field that’s crowded with people, unless I have a minder there to make sure no-one trips over me and brings everything crashing to the ground. Towards the end of the afternoon R lost his battle to stay upright and went back to bed, and I went out for a walk around the parish; luckily I’d decided to take a camera with me, because the sky compensated me for lack of fireworks by putting on this spectacular show.

Other than a decent sunset I don’t have much else to report today, a good part of which seemed to be spent on the business of choosing a new fridge-freezer. Our current one is over 20 years old, and we’ve almost changed it several times already, but the palaver of finding a new model of similar dimensions and with good reviews has always defeated us until now. This morning we managed to push through the inertia barrier and choose one – only to find that not only is it not currently in stock, but there’s no indication of when, if ever, it might be available to be dispatched to us.

I can’t absolutely assert that R’s dizziness wasn’t connected with an abrupt meeting of desk and forehead at this juncture. But on the plus side, the fact that we might have to wait several weeks (Months? Years…?) for the new one does at least give us plenty of time to go through the contents of the current freezer, deciding which of its exciting mystery packages we’re going to risk eating.

Salmonella roulette, anyone?