Ladies who lunch

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Today was the last day of R’s two-week holiday from the salt mine: on Monday he returns for his final month there before downshifting to a single job. We’d originally thought that we would go out for the day and look at somewhere interesting, but after all this week’s sofa-hunting (I decided not to bore you further with yesterday morning’s instalment, but suffice it to say that we still haven’t bought anything) we were both in need of a quiet time today, so we simply went for lunch at one of our favourite local restaurants, The Bridge in Bidford-on-Avon.

When I’m – ahem – somewhat older even than I am now, I hope that I still have the vitality and interest in life shown by these three ladies, who were sitting in my eye line and whom I found very attractive. Though we were too far away to hear their conversation, they were clearly engaged and seemed to be enjoying themselves very much. The lady on the right, in particular, was very animated – I particularly loved her expressive hands in this shot.