The weather has turned today: it was chilly and overcast this morning, and wet this afternoon – which to be honest I don’t mind, because the garden needs it, and it saves me from putting on the sprinkler. I managed a photo walk round the homestead (and a non-photo walk around the village) before the rain began, and I liked the way this cow parsley shone out under the tree canopy of the wild garden. This is also R’s favourite of my photos today, which is a good enough reason to post it.

I was interested to read in mollyblobs’ journal this morning that the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland are running a citizen science project, for which they’re asking people to list the wild plants growing in their gardens. My instant reaction to this was that if it’s weeds they want, I’m the gardener they need to be talking to, so I’ve bookmarked the survey, and when the weather cheers up again I’ll search the garden and see how many I can find. I’m quite sure that I won’t get anywhere near the 160 species that mollyblobs has found in hers though!

For Lockdown Family Film Club this evening, R and I watched Tully on Netflix – an unusual film, and quite stressful in places, but ultimately I liked it. Charlize Theron is excellent, unsurprisingly, but Mackenzie Davis is also very good as Tully.