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We said goodbye to the Greystead Institute with heavy hearts this morning. I’m old enough to remember when holiday cottages were mainly pretty basic affairs, but this has been a real home from home (I was about to insert a joke here about it being far cleaner than home, but you already know that I’m a slattern, so I won’t labour the point), and we’re going to miss it. I have a feeling that we’ll be back – if not to this property, than certainly to Northumberland, because we’ve barely begun to experience the charms of this beautiful county.

We stopped off in Knaresborough for lunch and a walk, to break our journey back to the Shire. We were last here in January of last year; in my blip then I said I thought that on a sunny day this would be a wonderful view, and I’m happy to say that I was right – I have other photos from today, but thought it would be nice to post what is essentially the same view, to show the comparison. On the minus side, a sunny September Saturday had brought a lot of people to the town, but it didn’t feel packed – the worst inconvenience we faced was that we weren’t able to get a table to have our coffee in one of the riverside caf├ęs.

And so to home, a mountain of washing, nine days-worth of backblips, and a strong desire to book our next holiday!