As it was a lovely morning, we decided to ease the pain of being back from holiday by going to Croome. By the time we arrived the sky had clouded over, which reduced the number of dragons flying, and didn’t make my self-imposed task of immortalising them any easier – but luckily Migrant Hawkers are pretty obliging, and by this point in the season I have my eye in, so I managed a reasonable number of flight shots. It’s sad but inevitable that by next spring I’ll have lost the knack of doing this, and I’ll have to learn it all over again.

I have more “normal” shots of this dragon, including a couple in which he seems to have someone else’s leg sticking out of his mouth, but I rather like the slightly abstract quality of this one. The day also gifted me photos of a heron and a kestrel, both taken at Croome, and a shot of an indecisive grey squirrel that I took just after we arrived back home; that last one has gone onto Facebook, if you’re interested.