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You’ve got to give it to hildasrose and BlackTulip – they love a party. They organised a blipmeet today at Hidcote, to which about a gazillion blippers turned up, and after I left at lunch time (being a bit offish at the moment) they all carried on over the road at Kiftsgate. I’ve lived round here for nearly a quarter of a century and have still never been to Kiftsgate, so it was a bit of a downer to miss it – but I daresay I’ll get there one day.

I’ve decided to blip this classic view of the hot borders at Hidcote – not least because it works for today’s Wide Angle Wednesday theme, which is ‘Colour’ – but I have an album of my favourites from the morning here if you’d care to see some more.

And now: the weather. We were supposed to have some rain this afternoon, or possibly even a thunderstorm. Flash floods were mentioned on the local forecast. But we have had no rain, just a hot, dessicating wind blowing across my shrivelling garden. I will probably have to get the sprinkler out tomorrow. Sigh.

I blame that global warming.