Happy anniversary to us

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R and I have long since given up trying to negotiate the minefield of buying each other an appropriate anniversary present, but every now and then, when we remember, we choose something together to mark the passage of another year of wedded bliss. On the 12th of this month we’ll have been married for half my life, and right now we’re also celebrating having managed five weeks of being at home together all day every day, without either of us yet having killed the other.

Ever since we realised that there’s quite a lot of nocturnal activity in the garden we’ve talked, vaguely, about getting a trail-cam, and recently the installation of the wild pond has increased our interest in what might be going on down in the wild garden at night. So, our present to ourselves this year is this camera, and this morning we set it up and installed it. It seems to be working – it took 79 photos of us as we were attaching it to the tree – so now we’ll just have to wait and see what, if anything, it captures when we’re not around.

If you’re in the market for one of these gizmos yourself, I recommend you to take a look at NatureSpy, who are a not-for-profit organisation using the proceeds from their shop sales to support ecological projects – there are some films on their Facebook page that give a flavour of the stuff they’re doing. We had excellent service from them, from an almost immediate response to a technical question I asked via a form on their web site, to super-fast delivery of the camera and accessories.

Apart from the excitement of seeing ourselves caught on camera as we cavorted around our territory, the best thing that happened today was our weekly Zoom with the Younger Generation. All are well, happy and busy.