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I haven’t been able to find a name for this phenomenon: it’s a kind of rainbow, clearly, but it wasn’t and hadn’t been raining. Instead there was a slight sea fret or haar, which I believe happens when warm moist air moves from the land and hits colder air over the sea, leading to condensation. The sun then pierced the cloud behind me, and as it hit the fret the light was reflected and refracted by the water droplets. It was slightly spooky, but attractive.

R and I have come up to Yorkshire for a couple of days, and we’re staying in Filey, a pretty little town which neither of us had visited before. En route we stopped off in Leeds for lunch with H and S, who are themselves just back from a short break in Scotland, and were looking very relaxed and well. It was lovely to spend a couple of hours with them – and to be able to share an outdoor restaurant meal.

We arrived in Filey in time to walk the entire sea front – which is admittedly quite short, Filey Bay being rather a small area enclosed by two headlands – before returning to the hotel and enjoying a drink in the garden. It’s another small step back towards normality, for which we’re feeling grateful.