Frosty bokeh

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I spent about half an hour this morning tracking last night’s light dusting of frost around the village, only to have R tell me that his favourite photo of the day was the thistle I’ve put in as an extra. Sigh.

I still like the frosty moss because of the fact that if you look large you can see the tiny ice crystals, and because of the sparkly bokeh I caught from taking the photo at a low angle. I’m not sure this was my best shot in terms of detail, but it definitely has the prettiest bokeh.

I spent the entire afternoon working on my web site gallery – a very frustrating process because a proportion of the images I upload to it arrive with a broken thumbnail, and though some of them can be fixed others simply can’t, and therefore have to be deleted. There doesn’t seem to be any common factor linking the ones which fail, so I feel as though I’m blundering around randomly in the dark. I daresay I’ll sort it out in the end, but it’s all very grump-inducing.

Talk about middle-class problems…!

Today’s Blipfuture pledge figure (not including Paypal donations) stands at @126,930.00, which is 70.5%.

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