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If I were the size of a goldfinch, I don’t think I’d choose to argue with a greenfinch – not only are they bigger, but they always look to be scowling ferociously. But goldfinches are feisty little things, and this one wasn’t backing down.

I wanted to go out on some kind of road trip today, but forced myself to be sensible because I have choir rehearsal this evening and I didn’t want to risk either being held up and getting back late, or coming home with gazillions of photos and having to spend hours processing them. So I stayed home and played with the 400 lens instead. The rest of today’s keepers are up on Flickr, if you’re interested – the first couple were taken early this morning, when I disturbed one of our now two resident pheasants by opening the back door to let Arthur out, and the rest were all from a pleasant hour this afternoon, sitting outside on the sunny patio.

The weather forecast predicts that this fine weather will hold for a couple of days, so I might get to do my road trip before the weekend.