Emergency wreath

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I’m still not feeling the whole Christmas thing, though it’s possible I’ll have worked my way round to it by about Easter. I’m making desultory gestures towards it now though, and today’s were to dig out the Advent arch light for the sitting room window (yes, I know it’s the 10th of December), and cobble together an emergency wreath for the front door.

You might remember that the wreath was to have had nuts, nutmegs and cinnamon sticks attached, and in time it may have, but the emergency version is just a mass of ribbon with some small baubles wired on. It’s entirely possible that by tomorrow I’ll have decided I hate it, in which case I’ll be digging out the old one, but I probably need to walk past it a few times before I commit one way or the other.

By the time I’d hung it the afternoon was well advanced, the porch was dark, and it didn’t photograph well, so I decided to go for an extreme close-up; you might notice that the reflection in the gold bauble includes a Festive Fisheye Selfie. There’s a more normal view in the extras.