Emergency supplies

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For the past few months Child One (The Animator) and her fiancĂ© G (The Statistician) have been embroiled in the stressful business of selling their individual houses and buying one together. Today was the day when the chain finally completed, and they moved house – all of about a kilometre in physical distance, but very much further away in terms of space, ambience, and potential.

All four pairs of parental hands were applied to the pump, and between the six of us and some very helpful removers the move was effected almost smoothly. There was one unexpected issue at the new house that needed the presence of a plumber; but in the end that was successfully dealt with too, and by the time the Oldies left the young homeowners were on the point of receiving their first visitors: as R and I were walking back to our car their solicitor and her partner hove into view, half hidden behind wine and a very large plant. I can’t say I’ve ever received that level of service from a lawyer, but maybe I just don’t know the right people. With luck, by the time they’ve drunk the legal wine the fridge will be able to be plugged in, and they’ll be able to chill all the fizz to keep them going through a weekend of unpacking boxes.

‘Twas a good day, but now I seem to be losing the ability to move, so I’m away to my (well-earned, if I do say so myself) rest. I hope you all have a lovely weekend, whether you’re unpacking boxes or not.